AmericasRelief Team Partners With U.S. Southern Command

September 9, 2009—AmericasRelief & Development Team (ART) is proud to have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the United States Southern Command. United States Southern Command is a Combatant Command within the Department of Defense responsible for military operations within South and Central America and the Caribbean (the “region”). Its mission is to conduct military operations and promote security cooperation to achieve United States strategic objectives in the region.
Lt Col David A. Biggs, of USSOUTHCOM/Public-Private Cooperation represented U.S. Southern Command during the signing ceremonies which were attended by Mr. Benjamin D. Kauffeld, Senior Alliance Advisor; Latin America/Humanitarian Partnerships Global Alliance (GDA) of the U.S Agency for International Development (USAID), Ms. Kate Stone Legates, Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (USAID), and John Babun, Sandy Acosta Cox, Jessica M. Castro, and Dr. Teo A. Babun, Jr., Executive Director of Americas Relief Team.

The MOU calls United States Southern Command and ART to coordinate their activities when possible and when mutually beneficial in order to pursue their common objectives in humanitarian response and international development.

“We are very pleased that United States Southern Command recognizes that the negative impacts of underdevelopment, poverty and recurrent natural disasters in the region undermine stability” said Cliff Deeds, Managing Director of FedEx Latin America & Caribbean and Chair of ART’s Board of Directors. “We are very proud of our role in helping to improve living conditions in these areas which are critical to long-term regional security,” he added.
ART is a Florida private sector collaboration of corporations and non-profit organizations created to help Latin American and Caribbean countries in times of crisis and disaster. ART reacts to immediate crisis, provides ongoing logistics assistance, and conducts plans for future events in the region that will require effective coordination of humanitarian relief. ART also conducts multiple programs and initiatives as advocates, coordinators, and facilitators in the planning and implementation for the effective distribution of disaster relief to victims of humanitarian crises in the Americas.

Our Mission

AmericasRelief Team's mission is to reduce the suffering and increase the self-sufficiency of the most vulnerable groups in the Americas, and provide tools and resources needed to increase their self-sufficiency.
AmericasRelief Team’s partners include top executives from American Red Cross of Greater Miami & the Keys; Antillean Marine Shipping Corp, Carnival Corporation; FedEx Latin America; Baptist Health System; Belle Plume Communications; Caribbean Central America Action (CCAA); Cross International: DRT International, Enterprise Florida; Feed the Children; Lucent Technologies; Caribbean Central America Action (CCAC); Florida Stevedoring; Food for the Poor; Miami-Dade Aviation Department; Miami River Marine Group; Port of Miami Terminal Operating Co. (POMTOC), Seaboard Marine; SeaFreight Agencies USA; Florida Association for Volunteer Action in the Caribbean and the Americas (FAVACA); Harvest International; Pan American Development Foundation (PADF); República; WorldCity Media; World Vision-South Florida.

Signing Ceremonies

Lt Col David A. Biggs of Southcom signs MOU
With Dr. Teo A. Babun, Jr. of AmericasRelief Team
At the signing ceremonies from left:
Sandy Acosta Cox, Benjamin D. Kauffeld, Lt Col David A. Biggs,
Teo A. Babun, Jr., John Babun, and Kate Stone Legates