Food is severely scarce and malnutrition is one of the beigest problems faced in El Salvador. This country continuously faces a food deficit, and remains one of the most vulnerable countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Surplus of poverty and the increasing food prices puts food outside the reach of many, leaving thousands of families starving every day. Malnutrition leaves a major impact especially among the children living in poverty, interfering with both their physical and mental development.

Americas Relief Team (ART/OAA) in conjunction with its faith-based local partner, the Association AGAPE de El Salvador (AGAPE) are working together to assist with the distribution of food packages for the people of El Salvador. These meals will go to children in schools, the elderly, and pregnant or lactating women in the rural areas of western El Salvador. This project will take place in Sonsonate, Actajutla, and Santa Ana. The targeted population is among the poorest in the country; half the populations in these areas live below the poverty line of $1.00 a day. ART has been in a joint collaborative agreement with the Salvadoran government since May 2008, and has vast experience in shipping humanitarian relief throughout the Caribbean, which affords ART/OAA the ability to ship cargo with priority, This experience is coupled with AGAPE’s thirty0five year presence and programs in El Salvador, which will enable us to distribute food throughout three warehouse centers, with the goal of reducing malnutrition among 15,630 children, women and elderly in rural community areas. We will be distributing meals for ten continuous months.

Through this IFRP proposal, ART/OAA and its local partner, AGAPE will plan to transport, deliver, and distribute one 40-foot container per month for eight consecutive months of Harvest Lentil Pro (404-1.0) made by Breedlove Food Inc. Thousands of families will be impacted by what we are trying to provide in this project, and we will succeed in doing so.