Laparkan’s Emergency Response Center

The Laparkan’s Emergency Response Center serves two purposes:
It is a humanitarian relief and long-term development staging facility for Non-Profit organizations; the ware-house is used to pre-position disaster items that would be shipped in advance of an approaching Atlantic storm, or immediately after a natural disaster. Warehousing is provided at no cost to the users, and—
It is a community drop-off station for disaster relief commodities following a disaster in Latin America or the Caribbean.

Location & Contacts

To schedule a drop-off at the warehouse
please contact Laparkan at the number listed below:
3775 NW 77 Street
Miami, Florida 33147
(Please use NW 75 streetentrance)
Telephone: 305-836-4393
Contact: Rafael Mejias

Final Destination Rates

If Host LPK Is Used As Freight Forwarders For Shipping
20-foot container: $175
40-foot container: $275
LCL: no charge
If Host Is Not Used As Freight Forwarder For Shipping
20-foot container: $360
40-foot container: $460
LCL: $0.35 per CFT; minimum charge: $35

AmericasRelief Solution

This is another way we know to strive together to help maximize efficiency of the delivery of aid, and to help minimize the suffering of victims of crises in the Caribbean Basin.